Saturday, August 05, 2006

Classification of food flavor

Food Flavor
The flavor of food is all important. Much of our diet by itself is unattractive, unappetizing and often so lacking in intrinsic flavor.

If the aroma and flavor is enticing and satisfying to the eater then it is digested better and results in an overall feeling of satisfaction.

It does not matter how the is look and how balanced nutritionally it is, if its does not smell and taste goods then these essential reflexes are not activated and eating remains mere chore rather than the positive pleasure which it should be.

The flavor of any food product, confectionary or beverage will depend upon all ingredients used in its preparation and the nature of processing involved.

Therefore, the knowledge of component of any products is necessary important.
There are may classified as:
*Prime ingredients
*Additives or stabilizer
Classification of food flavor

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