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Cardamom is a tropical plant native to Southern India and also cultivated in Madagascar. It is sold in whole pods, shelled whole seeds, or in powdered form. There are two varieties: brown and green, with the latter possessing the characteristics most recognized as cardamom flavor. Green cardamom is the type that home cooks and bakers are more likely familiar with.

Brown cardamom has an earthier flavor with a pleasant smokiness. Both are excellent for preparing chai tea but green cardamom is especially delicious in desserts.

Cardamom has a pungent flavor that is all its own so it's difficult to find a similar substitute. It is in the ginger family, therefore it has similar flavor properties. A little bit of it can be really soft and beautiful, but too much of it can become too tangy and spicy.

Cardamom is a powerful, extra-special spice that can add warmth to savory and sweet dishes. Cardamom is used as a spice for flavoring cakes, bread, milk-sugar-starch confections and for several other fo0o applications. Cardamom is featured in both garam masala and masala chai. it also makes appearances in Moroccan seven-spice blends, some Thai curry pastes, Lebanese baharat, and Turkish coffee.

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