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What is flavoring substance?

Favoring substance can be defined as chemical component with flavoring properties, not intended to be consumed as such.

The legislation permits the use of any flavoring substance which is wholesome and presents no hazard to health.

Flavoring substances may be classified as:
*Natural flavoring substance
*Natural identical flavoring substance
*Artificial substance
*Flavoring preparation
*Process flavorings

Natural flavoring substance are obtained by appropriate physical, microbiological or enzymatic processes from a food stuff or material of vegetable or animal origin as such or after processing by food preparation processes.

When flavor compounds are added to foods, no health hazards should arise from the concentrations used.

The flavor contains flavoring substance and solvents or carries, the concentration of a single flavoring substance in the food does not usually exceed 10-20 ppm.

Historically flavoring substances have been tested for safety by testing representatively members of a chemically similar group.

Many flavoring substances are self-limiting and are typically used at very low concentrations to impart their desired effect and exposure from their use in foods is, generally, very low.

Like all other food additives, both natural and artificial flavoring substances are regarded as foreign substances and may not be use unless specifically permitted in the regulation governing each group of food products.
What is flavoring substance?

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