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Flavor carriers

A flavor is divided into three main parts: flavor components, carriers/solvents and other non-flavor ingredients. A higher-value-added food require specialized processing machinery as well as ingredients, demand for specialty flavor ingredients such as natural flavor carriers is likely to grow steadily in the coming years.

Flavor carriers are ingredients that carry the flavoring agents or are mixed as a liquid with flavors used to impart flavors to various food products and beverages. Flavor carriers that are naturally derived from plants, animals or minerals and do not undergo a synthetic process are called natural flavor carriers. Flavor carriers are used by food technologists and flavor consultants to enhance sweetness, shelf life, and texture of food and beverages.

Flavor carriers work as food additives, processing aids, humectants, carriers, and solvents which replace maltodextrin in non-soluble applications.

The most common carriers for flavor are food-safe solvents, most commonly propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol/ethanol, vegetable glycerin, and triacetin. To create a specific taste, chemists blend aromatic chemicals, essential oils, botanical extracts, essences, and anything else they might need to achieve the end product.

Convenience food products are the prominent consumed foodstuffs in the food industry. These include cheese, butter, snack products, packaged food, and others. These are the daily need products which are available as ready to eat products without further preparation which contain flavor carriers as ingredients to enhance the taste, texture, color and durability of products.
Flavor carriers

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