Friday, November 19, 2021

Saffron: the world’s most expensive spices

Saffron is the name of the spice and an orange-red coloring agent found on the stigma of a crocus flower.

Botanically the plant name: Crocus sativus L. True saffron originated either in Asia Minor or southern Europe. Several varieties of Crocus sativus L. are known and cultivated in various countries e.g. France, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Italy.

Saffron known as the world’s most expensive spices and each plant has only three stigmas.  These threads must be picked by hand and it takes 75,000 blossoms of saffron crocus flower to produce 455 g of saffron threads.

Threads of saffron add exotic flavor to any dish. Saffron has a sweet, spicy, floral odor with a fatty herbaceous undertone and as lightly butter taste. Saffron can be over powering and even induce headache or noble-seed when used in excess.

Saffron blended with garlic creates a North African–influenced Spanish flavor that is particularly good with fish, shellfish, or rice dishes.
Saffron: the world’s most expensive spices

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