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The fruit of common sweet orange are spherical, 2 to 4 inch in diameter, the smooth orange colored skin enclosing a juicy cellular pulp divided into loosely joined segments.

The essential oil is contained un the peel.

Two types of orange are used as a source of the essential oil.

*Sweet orange
Citrus sinensis
Citrus aurantium, L.,
var. dulcis

*Bitter orange
Citrus aurantium, L. subspecies amara

Only the sweet orange is used commercially as a source of the juice; bitter oranges are grown mainly for the production orange conserve such as marmalade.

Other parts of the orange tree are also aromatic and two very important essential oils are derived from leaves and flowers:

*Oil of Petitgrain – from sweet and bitter orange leaves

*Oil of neruli – from sweet and bitter orange flowers

In the case of oils from the bitter orange the term “Bigarade” is used the case of oils from similar oils form the sweet orange.

These oils are of particular value in the compounding of fragrances.

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