Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Disadvantages of Using Imitation Flavors

Disadvantages of Using Imitation Flavors
The need of imitation versions of naturally occurring flavors is undoubtedly present; but before considering their virtues it is also well to establish their disadvantages. Imitation flavorings based on synthetic organics may present the following problems:

The imitation flavor may pose difficulties in labeling and must always be formulated so as to comply with any legislation in the country ibn which the end product is to be consumed.

The original natural flavor is often, but not always, of a more subtle and acceptable character whereas the imitation version may be described as “chemical.”

Many natural flavor have a built in reservoir of flavor precursors which, under certain conditions, can results in the generation of additional flavor – a feature which is absent in imitation flavors.

Imitation flavors generally require the use of either a solvent or a carrier. These may be restricted by legislation or may pose problems with texture in the end of product.
Disadvantages of Using Imitation Flavors

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