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Oil soluble liquid flavor

Oil soluble flavors are needed where the end product is an oil or a fat. They are also used where the end product cannot tolerate water.

Oil soluble liquid flavors are prepared by adding lipophilic auxiliary materials, such as vegetable oils and glycerin esters of fatty acids, to a flavor base to enhance oil solubility.

Essential oils can be effective ‘solvents’ for some oil based flavors. This is especially true of citrus flavors.

Essential oils is are mostly soluble in alcohol and rapidly soluble in vegetable oils and other essential oils; however, they are not easily dispersed in dry materials.

Seasoning oil flavors, which are obtained by heat extraction of aroma substances from spices, vegetables, meats without using the favor base, are included in this category.

The natural oil gives a realistic, complex background and added flavor ingredients give powerful specific character.

Triethyl citrates is practically insoluble in water and posses a mild winey, fruity plum like odor and is commonly used for carrying berry, butterscotch, cherry, honey and other flavors for application to baked goods.
Oil soluble liquid flavor

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