Monday, August 29, 2016

Blending flavoring extract with synthetic materials

Flavors are often very complex mixtures of ingredients, whether naturally occurring or created form synthetics and food technologists have gone to great lengths to assure that the blend of synthetic flavors will meet with consumer acceptance.

The flavoring extract may be reinforced with a synthetically produced flavor principle; however, in this case the resulting product must be labeled as containing artificial or imitation flavor.

This labeling requirement holds even though the synthetic ingredient is naturally present in the extract. Any incidental additives which are present in the food at insignificant levels and which do not have any technical or functional effect in that food are exempt from food labeling.

In the United States ‘boosted natural’ flavors are allowed. This means that flavors may contain up to 0.1% artificial (synthetic) flavor components and still be classified as ‘natural’.

Artificial flavors such as artificial cherry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and vanilla( can cover up the absence of more expensive ingredients in manufactured foods like mixes and soft drinks.
Blending flavoring extract with synthetic materials

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